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Nov 2009
Installing a Montado (or Super Blackhawk) Hammer In a Vaquero
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Last year the Territorial Governors voted to allow the Montado and Super Blackhawk hammers in a standard Vaquero. The Montado and Super Blackhawk hammers are functionally the same, the only difference between them being that the Montado hammer is checkered and the Super Blackhawk hammer is grooved.

I have found that the hammers drop in with no fitting needed, so far although it may be possible that some fitting would be needed on your gun. Don’t worry, you can always just install your original parts if needed. Be sure that if you do any fitting you don’t fit your frame to the hammer. Fit the hammer to the frame. The key is to always file or sand on the CHEAP parts!

Remember, working on your own guns is unwise.

You will pinch your fingers and swear.

Don’t do it.

If you decide to work on your own guns you are doing it at your own risk.

It will be really sad if you have to take your gun parts to a gunsmith to put it back together for you!

If you do this, don’t sue me when the gun malfunctions.
I’m specifically telling you not to do this!

I mean you!

Four Types of Hammers

Here are four different hammers available for the full size vaquero. From left to right, Bisley, Montado (note checkering), Super Blackhawk, Standard. There is also a higher than standard hammer that comes on some of the new model guns.To install the new hammer you need to take your Ruger apart. The directions in the instruction manual that came with your gun provides diagrams and instructions. Here is how I do it:

Unload the gun!

Unload the gun again!

It is a good idea to take the cylinder out before you start.

Make sure the gun is unloaded!

Hammer Grip Screw

Remove the grip screw and take the grips off the gun.

Capture Hammer Strut

Cock the hammer and put a pin in the hammer strut hole to retain the hammer strut with spring captured.

Hammer forward

Pull the trigger and allow the hammer to go forward. You may have to push it forward.

Grip Frame Screw Removal

Remove grip frame screws.

Bottom Grip Frame Screws

Don’t forget to remove the three screws on the bottom.

Long Grip Frame Screw

One of the rear bottom screws is longer than the other. Make a note where this one goes.

Small Spring

Note the little spring here. This is easy to lose and easy to forget!

Spring and Cap

Here is the spring. Note the little end cap that goes in the hole first.

Grip Frame Pin

Note the pin in the grip frame forward of the trigger. don’t forget this one!

Remove Hammer Strut

Remove the hammer strut and spring.

Unhook Trigger Spring

Unhook the trigger spring.

Remover Trigger Spring Pin

Push the trigger spring pin out.

Remover Trigger Spring

Remove the trigger spring.

Remove Cylinder

If you haven’t already done so, remove the cylinder.

The Guts

Here are the guts.

Remove Hammer Pin

Remove the hammer pin.


Note the groove in the pin. This allows the longer screw to capture the pin.

Push Loading Gate Spring

If you can, put the gun in a vice. If not, turn it over and try to hold it. Then use a punch to push the spring down and push the trigger pin out. This is sometimes hard to do. You may need to get someone to hold the gun for you if you don’t have a vice.

Remove Trigger Pin

Remove the trigger pin.

Lift Trigger Out

Now you can lift the trigger out. The transfer bar will sometimes come with it.

Pull out the hammer

The hammer will pull out now along with the pawl.

Remove Cylinder Bolt

The cylinder bolt comes out.

Loading Gate Spring

The loading gate spring comes out now.

Loading Gate

The loading gate may fall out so you might as well take it out now.

Putting the parts back in

Loading Gate

Slip the loading gate into place and the install the loading gate spring.

Install Bolt

Install cylinder bolt.


Here is the trigger and transfer bar.


Here is the hammer and pawl.

Hammer and Trigger

Slip the hammer/pawl in first and hold it there, then the trigger and transfer bar.

Hammer and Trigger in Place

The two assemblies in together.

Hammer Pin

The hammer pin going in.

Trigger Pin

Insert the trigger pin, this one is tricky because you have to depress the loading gate spring at the same time.

Trigger Pin In Place

Here the trigger pin is fully in place.

Loading Gate Spring In Place

Make sure the loading gate spring is under the indicated spot on the loading gate.

Pin and Spring

Remember this little assembly? Install the pin and spring in the grip frame as shown.

Spring and Cap

Don’t forget this little spring and cap assembly! install the cap on the spring and put it cap first into the top hole of the rear of the grip frame.

Grip Frame

Ease the gripframe into place.

Spring and Cap

Make sure you don’t pinch the spring here when you install the gripframe.

Flush Gripframe

With the gripframe flush against the gun’s frame begin to install the gripframe screws, but don’t tighten them all the way yet.

Groved Pin

Remember to put the grooved end of the hammer pin in the right place to catch the longer screw.

Trigger Spring

Place the trigger spring in place, make sure it goes over the trigger and not under it.

Trigger Pin

Install the trigger pin.

Trigger Pin Spring

Slip the trigger spring over the pins that hold each leg.

Check Trigger Return

Check your trigger to make sure the spring returns the trigger to the forward position. If it doesn’t then you probably have the spring under the trigger instead of over it.

Cylinder Bolt

Make sure the cylinder bolt is present and working.

Hammer Strut

Slip the hammer strut into place. This can be done with grip frame screws tight, on some guns! But it is easier if you leave the gripframe screws loose to give yourself a bit of wiggle room. Now tighten all the screws.


Make sure the cylinder pin is fully in place and test the hammer/trigger function.Install cylinder and make sure everything still works.Now you can install the grip panels and go shoot your gun. Enjoy the new hammer!

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